Bodybeef History

Hey there guys & thanks so much for visiting ... I really hope that you enjoy my beefy bodybuilders!
I started constructing and designing my muscle models in late 2012 and eventually decided to start publishing my design work in early 2015. I wasn't really sure where to begin or exactly how I should distribute my work so I finally came up with the Bodybeef Studios concept and again, I really hope that you find my work enjoyable and entertaining.
I decided to start publishing my design work by featuring the very first model I ever created and by giving him a name that fits. I gave him the name 'Buster' because I thought that it went well with the personality that began to emerge as I worked with him in various scenes and his various poses. The very first release for Buster (and for the Bodybeef site) was a collection of scenes featuring him in various poses in the 'Gym Series' photo set. I think he makes a great muscle bear and I really love working with this beefy hulk ... so there will be many more releases of Buster & all the other muscle hunks coming to the studio!
All the photo sets here are fully nude except for the 'Xtra Furry' editions which include each model wearing a few enticing outfits. There are also many, many more free images posted on the various social media sites that show every model version (Smooth, Furry, & Xtra Furry) wearing these great outfits that are not available here due to server limitations. Sorry about that! There are far too many images, and such good quality, that the data size would overload the primary server. I'm also offering a $25 credit incentive on the 'Social Media’ page for Bodybeef fans and I've included a small 'banner list' of social media icons at the top & bottom of each page to make it easy to find us. The photos on the social media sites are all free, G-rated
(except for the Tumblr teasers) and there are some really nice shirtless, posing trunks, & under-gear shots out there!
Bodybeef Studios is still in the early stages and I’m waiting to see how well my design work is received and of course, how well it sells. Please feel free to leave me your comments (via the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom of the page) or email me directly (address located under the 'Contact Us' section at the bottom of each page) with your feedback, suggestions, and even special requests. I greatly appreciate it! I might not be able to respond immediately but I will respond within a timely manner.

Thanks again, and thanks so much for visiting!