Colton - Premium Sets

Please welcome mega bodybuilder Colton ... he's a real super heavyweight and one of our top man-cake models ... Colton truly puts the BEEF in Bodybeef Studios! This colossus of a man has perfected his body to epic proportions so much that we almost couldn't find a camera lens wide enough to fit that astonishing frame.

Not only is this massive power-lifter an awesome sight to behold, he's also a massive prankster off camera so don't let his serious side in front of the cameras fool you folks ... whenever the electricity mysteriously flickers, wardrobe items are missing, or mini moments of chaos occur around the studios, you can be sure that Colton had his hands in it and he's usually laughing his ass off in enjoyment.

Everyone loves Colton's moments of "gotchas" but we obviously LOVE gazing at those powerful pecs of his and not to mention taking in his enormous sized manhood ... especially when he's at full attention and happy to see us! Colton is easily one of our favorites and has already shot some amazing scenes with his best buddy Walker for the 'Couples' section that are soon to be released here at the studios ... follow us on social media or sign up 
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Colton [Stage Introduction]
6’ 8” (2.03 m)
36” (90 cm)
334 lbs (152 kg)
41” (104 cm)
83” (211 cm)
20” (51 cm)
34” (86 cm)
14  (47)