Garth - Premium Sets

Garth may look like the typical weightlifting beast with his appearance, but he definitely fits the gentle-giant category. He's extremely well mannered, soft spoken, calm natured, kind hearted, and an absolute sweet-heart ... did we mention gentle? Even though Garth is one of the quietest & shyest models we've ever met, his photo sets simply yell out H-O-T!

He may appear rough & tough at times in some of his photos, but he is incredibly easy to work with and oh so beefy thick ... not to point out that outrageous shaft of his can be very distracting ... but we'll never let him know or he would die of embarrassment. Aside from his amazing body, shaft, and character, this guy is also one of the most interesting models of them all ... he's learning Chinese, volunteers most all of his free time at retirement communities, AND he plays the piano ... for his baby koalas!

We expect great things from Garth ... and he informed us that he expects to have many sweaty sessions with each and every model here at Bodybeef ... follow us on social media or sign up 
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Garth [Stage Introduction]
6' 4" (1.91 m)
33" ( 84 cm)
312 lbs (142 kg)
36" ( 90 cm)
77" (195 cm)
19" ( 48 cm)
32" ( 81 cm)
12  (45)