Premium Images

Premium image photo sets are available in the following formats:
eMagazine: PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
All premium images in each of the photo sets are full nudity, free of branding information, larger pixel sizes, high resolution, and rendered with the following specifications:
Quad HD: 1440p
Size (Pixels): 1760 x 1360
Aspect Ratio: 11 : 8.5 (11.0 x 8.50)
Resolution (DPI): 96 x 96
Print Size (from DPI): 18.3 x 14.2 inches; 46.6 x 36.0 cm
Colors (24 BitsPerPixel): 16.7 Million
Exposure Class: † Fixed Radiance or TruVision Optics

† Exposure Class is the type of exposure applied to rendering. Fixed Radiance exposure has a lighting effect on the model's features without regard to shading and surfaces while TruVision Optics has a lighting effect on the model with ambience, opacity, glossiness, refraction, and specular degrees applied to the shading and surfaces. So basically, the skin looks different. :) TruVision exposure is a much more tedious process that takes specialized graphics processing & lengthy amounts of time to render images than fixed exposure. This is why the TruVision Optics photo sets are a little bit higher in price than the Fixed Radiance sets.


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The social media sites are also populated with photos of the models wearing some great outfits just before they decide to "take it all off" that can't be found here ... due to the overall size limitations of data on one server and that the photo sets here are all completely nude, except for the 'Xtra Furry Editions'. The images on the ancillary sites are all free, G-rated (except for the Tumblr teasers) and there are some really nice shirtless, posing trunks, & under-gear shots out there!

Bodybeef Studios is dedicated to bringing you hot muscle men, zero branding, larger pixel sizes & high resolution images ... so don't forget about Bodybeef Models when you think of sexy muscle men with the BIGGEST hard-ons in the world!

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