Shannon - Premium Sets

Introducing iron-man Shannon! He's one of the 'Happiest Hercules' models we've signed ... part of the reason we added Shannon to the lineup is for his million dollar smile, and the other part for obvious reasons ... that thick, spectacular, hairy body!

We encourage our models to give us different looks by shaving their furry covers in between photo sessions but there's something about that wooly coat on Shannon's body that fits his appearance oh so right ... might be the perfect balance of hair on his super-beefy body offset by those pearly whites, and not even one strand of hair on that gorgeous head just brings it all together we guess?

Nevertheless, Shannon brings sooooo much to the proverbial table that we couldn't have asked for more ... his solo photo sets are some of the hottest we offer and we're still in amazement over the shots he took for our 'Couples' section, soon to be released ... follow us on social media or sign up 
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Shannon [Stage Introduction]
6’ 5” (1.93 m)
33” ( 84 cm)
279 lbs (127 kg)
38” ( 97 cm)
67” (169 cm)
18” ( 46 cm)
29” ( 73 cm)
12  (45)