Zeke - Premium Sets

Zeke falls into the 'Hot & Handsome' category with his sultry Mediterranean looks and stunning body we're still a little bit shocked that he joined Bodybeef! He towers over most men and those whiskey-barrel guns on this mega-man turn EVERY head around no matter where he goes ... Zeus himself takes notice.

Most of the models here at Bodybeef fit the classic Adonis build with a muscle-bear majesty, but Zeke brings some diversity to the crowd. The golden skin tone of this well built specimen simply accentuates his gorgeous body ... we've even mentioned to him that he's absolutely fine (and we do mean fine) keeping those thick, beefy muscles hair-free ... but don't worry bear community, Zeke informed us how he likes taking a break from shaving sometimes so we will certainly have his furry photo sets available.

As much as we all get turned on here at the studios by this seductive example of heavenly muscle, we all hope that Zeke does the same for you ... with his solo series photo sets, and his 'Couples' series photo sets ... follow us on social media or sign up 
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Zeke [Stage Introduction]
6’ 6” (1.95 m)
32” ( 82 cm)
296 lbs (134 kg)
39” ( 99 cm)
69” (173 cm)
18” ( 46 cm)
34” ( 86 cm)
13  (46)